August 7

Drawing-a-day roundup #1

I lost the mojo to photograph and post all of my stuff from my classes … whoops.

Anyway, I decided to challenge myself to draw something every day, or at least work on a project. Daily photos are posted to my Tumblr account, and I’ll be posting weekly roundups here.

Day 1: Lettering (Acrylic + Copic on Mixed Media paper)
Day 2: Flowers (Prismacolor pencil on 140lb Strathmore cold press watercolor paper)
Day 3: Doodle/Lettering (India ink with various dip pen nibs on Strathmore smooth bristol)
Day 4: Takiya Genji from CROWS Zero (Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo graphite pencils on 70lb sketch paper)
Day 5: Terri’s Chikkie (.05 mechanical pencil in sketchbook)
Day 6: More Flowers {WIP} (Prismacolor watercolor pencils on Fluid 140lb cold press watercolor paper)
Day 7: Princess Natsumi {WIP} (Copic Multiliner on Canson XL vellum bristol)

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September 10


(a year and a half later!)

After a nearly 3-year hiatus from school, I’m back to classes again and actually…drawing…things… again. I plan on using this blog to catalogue the works I do as part of my class curriculum, as well as select pages from my sketchbooks and miscellaneous other pieces I end up doing. At some point I will be going through a lot of my old work from previous years in school and posting select works (spoilers: I am one of those people who takes their “Intro” classes 4 years after they should’ve…).

As an aside, Art 3 artwork will be posted roughly once a week as projects are finished/returned from grading, and Art 12 every few weeks (whenever I start a new drawing pad and bring the old one home from school).

Let’s get this show on the road!

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March 28

Hello world!

Hello there!

This is mainly a placeholder post while I get my sketchblog (finally) set up. I’m hoping that once it’s properly set up it will motivate me to start drawing more, and I’m hoping to have something to post at least once a week.

We’ll see how that goes.