September 10

[Art 3] Week 1: Characteristics of Line; Intro to Distal Cues; Cropping & Balance; Line Dynamics

I’ll have to apologize in advance for photo quality, as I’m presently limited to using an iphone and I don’t have the most steady of hands to get halfway decent shots (may need to rig up a workable tripod…). Also Photoshop for contrast/color balance, because otherwise everything is yellow thanks to having walls that are antique white.

Week 01 Thumbnail

For this project we were to be focusing on line dynamics; that is, the weight of lines, diagonals/horizontals, curves, and placement in order to define a space and to create depth and texture. We were to draw at least 9 thumbnails in our sketchbooks, and expand/take inspiration from four of them to make 2 symmetrical designs, and two asymmetrical designs.

I had a lot of fun with this project because it gave me a chance to use both my inner doodler and my inner perfectionist (THOSE LINES MUST BE FREAKING STRAIGHT). Also stippling. I enjoy stippling.

Week 01, all pieces

Week 01, Symmetrical 01

Week 01, Asymmetrical 01

Week 01, Asymmetrical 02

Week 01, Symmetrical 02

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