September 15

[Art 3] Week 2: Characteristics of Shape

For this project we were set loose on campus for 20-30 minutes at a time to do ink thumbnails of various architecture we liked around the school. The idea for the final piece was to take parts of our four architectural thumbnails and combine them with elements of our week 1 project in order to create an Architectural Improvisational piece, combining “real” images with “unreal” lines, shapes, and textures. The piece must provide a sense of depth and balance in its use of line to create value and space.

Much like last week’s project, I had a lot of fun with this one because I didn’t have to stick to using only one thing–I was able to take inspiration from real places and combine them with simply doodled lines and fantastical shapes.

Though I must say in some way I accidentally created an image of my mother’s initials…

Week 02 Thumbnail

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September 10

[Art 3] Week 1: Characteristics of Line; Intro to Distal Cues; Cropping & Balance; Line Dynamics

I’ll have to apologize in advance for photo quality, as I’m presently limited to using an iphone and I don’t have the most steady of hands to get halfway decent shots (may need to rig up a workable tripod…). Also Photoshop for contrast/color balance, because otherwise everything is yellow thanks to having walls that are antique white.

Week 01 Thumbnail

For this project we were to be focusing on line dynamics; that is, the weight of lines, diagonals/horizontals, curves, and placement in order to define a space and to create depth and texture. We were to draw at least 9 thumbnails in our sketchbooks, and expand/take inspiration from four of them to make 2 symmetrical designs, and two asymmetrical designs.

I had a lot of fun with this project because it gave me a chance to use both my inner doodler and my inner perfectionist (THOSE LINES MUST BE FREAKING STRAIGHT). Also stippling. I enjoy stippling.
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